Have Fun

I had a great experience when I delivered my 2nd advanced speech project on Humorously Speaking manual for Toastmasters. It was the first time that I could honestly say that I had fun on stage. I chose the Humorously Speaking manual for a very simple reason. I wasn’t funny. I wanted to learn how to […]

Know your limits – before you can break them

There’s been a long time trend in motivational trainings of: breaking limiting beliefs, relying on the power of positive thinking, and believing that nothing is impossible. While also adhere to those teachings, I have also noticed that a majority of trainers fail to provide a fundamental step in their teachings. The fundamental step that they […]

About this Blog

The primary purpose of this blog is to share my thoughts and ideas to whoever stumbles upon this site. Though the theme of the site may eventually change, and I am truly hoping it does, this will remain the initial purpose. First I am Neb Perez, an engineer, entrepreneur, educator, marketer, public speaker and training […]