Have Fun

I had a great experience when I delivered my 2nd advanced speech project on Humorously Speaking manual for Toastmasters. It was the first time that I could honestly say that I had fun on stage. I chose the Humorously Speaking manual for a very simple reason. I wasn’t funny. I wanted to learn how to make people laugh. I understand the need for putting humor in a speech. But it was very difficult when I write my speeches.

I was adequately prepared for the speech. Did my research, put in the time to practice. But an amazing thing happened as I was delivering the speech. I let go and started to have fun. When that happened, I was no longer worried whether I was delivering the speech well. I started to focus on having fun and bringing fun to the audience. When the focus turned from me and towards the audience and the message, the audience responded.

I wasn’t worried whether I was delivering the speech well, of how I looked or sounded, or even if I remembered what I wrote down. I was just having fun on stage. I had a clear outline of the speech I wanted to deliver but it flew out the window when I started having fun.  I became spontaneous and the audience responded with laughter. I wanted to keep on talking but the red light was already on and the audience were laughing harder than I’ve ever had them before.

Looking back at the speech, I couldn’t really remember what I said but I can clearly remember that I was having fun when I delivered my speech. I know the advise I am giving right now may sound simplistic, but when you deliver a speech. Always remember to have fun. The audience will reward you for it.

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