About this Blog

The primary purpose of this blog is to share my thoughts and ideas to whoever stumbles upon this site. Though the theme of the site may eventually change, and I am truly hoping it does, this will remain the initial purpose.

First I am Neb Perez, an engineer, entrepreneur, educator, marketer, public speaker and training facilitator. Since this is not really a resume I’ll simply summarize my background in a short paragraph.

I am a graduate of Electrical Engineering and a Lecturer of Electrical Engineering at the University of the Philippines since 2002. During that time I was also exposed to business and marketing and have built a modestly successful education consulting and training business. I was also recently introduced to Toastmasters International and now have been competing in public speaking competitions.

The content of this blog would be applications of engineering concepts, thoughts on existing paradigms, entrepreneurship, synthesis of these fields, and just thoughts in general. I have no clear objective as of this writing, but I’m a strong believer of prototyping and continuous improvement. As feedback and comments are very welcome, this would easily mean that the content of this blog will be changed continuously.

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